Welcome to Twisters Ice Cream: the Perfect Treat in Mystic! If you’re a fan of delicious ice cream and stunning scenery, then this is the place for you. Located on the river in Mystic, our ice cream shop offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. But it’s not just about the ice cream here, it’s also about the experience. You can enjoy your tasty treat while taking in the picturesque river views. Our cozy and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting to relax and indulge in your favorite ice cream treats. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Twisters Ice Cream is a must-visit destination in Mystic.

In our article, you’ll learn more about what makes Twisters Ice Cream so special. We’ll delve into the wide array of flavors and toppings we offer, as well as the stories behind some of our most popular creations. You’ll also discover why our location on the river adds an extra touch of magic to your ice cream experience. So get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover the joy of Twisters Ice Cream in Mystic. Don’t miss out on this delightful treat!

Twisters Ice Cream: The Perfect Treat in Mystic

Twisters Ice Cream is a delightful ice cream shop situated on the river in the charming town of Mystic. This picturesque town is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and cozy atmosphere. Twisters Ice Cream offers a wide variety of delectable ice cream flavors and toppings, allowing customers to create their perfect sweet treat. With its scenic river views and inviting ambiance, this shop has become a favorite among both locals and tourists visiting Mystic.

Location of Twisters Ice Cream

The location of Twisters Ice Cream is truly idyllic. Situated on the river in Mystic, the shop not only provides a convenient access point for customers but also offers breathtaking surroundings. Whether you choose to indulge in your ice cream at one of the outdoor seating areas or take a stroll by the river, the beauty of Mystic enhances the experience.

What makes Mystic a charming town

Mystic is a town that exudes charm in every corner. With its picturesque views and beautiful landscapes, it is no wonder that visitors flock to this area. The historic buildings and cobblestone streets add to the town’s charming atmosphere, while the rich history can be felt as you wander through its streets.

A variety of ice cream flavors and toppings offered

At Twisters Ice Cream, you will be spoilt for choice with an extensive selection of ice cream flavors. From classic options like chocolate and vanilla to more unique choices like lavender honey and salted caramel pretzel, there is something for everyone’s taste buds. Furthermore, the ice cream is made using premium ingredients, ensuring a high-quality and flavorful treat.

The shop also offers a variety of specialty toppings to customize your ice cream even further. Whether you prefer traditional sprinkles and whipped cream or more adventurous additions like fresh fruit or crushed cookies, the possibilities are endless. The customizable options allow you to create a truly unique and personalized ice cream creation.

Scenic river views

One of the highlights of enjoying ice cream at Twisters Ice Cream is the opportunity to admire the scenic river views. As you savor your creamy delight, you can take in the natural beauty around you. The calming flow of the river and the lush greenery provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and indulging in a sweet treat.

Cozy and inviting atmosphere

Twisters Ice Cream is not only known for its delicious treats but also for its cozy and inviting atmosphere. The shop provides comfortable indoor and outdoor seating options, allowing customers to relax and enjoy their ice cream in a warm and welcoming environment. The interior is beautifully decorated, creating a relaxed ambiance that adds to the overall experience.

The staff at Twisters Ice Cream is known for their friendly and attentive service. They are always ready to assist customers in choosing the perfect flavor or suggesting complementary toppings. The welcoming nature of the shop and its staff fosters a sense of community and encourages customers to return time and time again.

Popularity among locals and tourists

Twisters Ice Cream has gained popularity among both residents of Mystic and tourists visiting the town. Locals often choose this shop to satisfy their ice cream cravings, appreciating the high-quality flavors and the welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, tourists are drawn to Twisters Ice Cream for the unique experience it offers, combining scenic views, delicious ice cream, and the charm of Mystic.

The positive reviews and repeat customers are a testament to the popularity and success of Twisters Ice Cream. The shop consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations, providing a memorable experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Experience at Twisters Ice Cream

A visit to Twisters Ice Cream is an experience that indulges all your senses. The delightful taste sensations of the various ice cream flavors will transport you to a world of creamy delights. Whether you opt for a classic flavor or decide to try something more adventurous, each scoop is sure to leave you craving for more.

The shop also offers an opportunity to savor unique flavor combinations. With the extensive selection of flavors and specialty toppings, you can create your own ice cream masterpiece. The possibilities are endless, and each creation is a unique and memorable moment.

Every bite at Twisters Ice Cream is an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable treat. The premium ingredients and expert craftsmanship ensure that each scoop is rich, creamy, and bursting with flavor. Whether you are a true ice cream enthusiast or simply in need of a sweet indulgence, a visit to Twisters Ice Cream is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Twisters Ice Cream. The friendly and attentive service provided by the staff creates a welcoming environment that instantly puts customers at ease. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer questions and provide recommendations, ensuring that each customer leaves with a smile on their face.

The positive feedback received from customers is a testament to the excellent service and top-notch quality of Twisters Ice Cream. The shop consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations, creating a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Twisters Ice Cream is a hidden gem in the charming town of Mystic. Combining the scenic river views, an extensive selection of flavors, and a cozy and inviting atmosphere, this shop is the perfect treat for ice cream enthusiasts. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist visiting Mystic, a visit to Twisters Ice Cream is an experience that you won’t soon forget. So, indulge in the creamy delights and treat yourself to a perfect ice cream experience at Twisters Ice Cream in Mystic.

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